Help Bangladesh’s Children

Ignite Youth Foundation Working to eliminate poverty and create secure future for underprivileged children in rural area in Bangladesh by giving quality education and create different job sector for them

Child sponsorship empowers children, their families and communities to help break the cycle of poverty. You can make lasting change in this child’s life by helping provides nutrition and health, childhood development, education elements, hygiene products and stationary. Start improving a child’s life today.

Amount Children will get
$20 Provides stationary for five students for one year
$30 provides the hygiene products for two children for one year

or Provides Class Allowance and Transportation allowance for one Student for one year

$50 provides nutritional meals for two child for one year
$300 Provides books and notebooks for 20 students for one year
$800 Provides chairs and tables for one classroom


You can feel the happiness of changing a child’s life. For good, for just (USD14/GBP10 for one children) a month.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Class

Support and celebrate the successes of multiple students at one time by sponsoring an entire class. You will have the opportunity to witness the academic achievements of your class through progress reports. Your support provides:

  • Technology for the classroom
  • Teaching tools
  • School supplies
  • Materials for hands-on activities and experiments
  • Educational field trips
  • Innovative, holistic education


$ 1,200 per year


Sponsor a Teacher

Our teachers are the key to the educational process. Your support as a Teacher Sponsor ensures that Safe Passage can continue to hire highly qualified teachers. Your support also contributes to:

  • Professional development
  • Teacher training
  • Innovative curriculum design
  • Teaching tools
  • Materials and supplies for hands-on educational activities 

$ 6,975 per year

$ 581.25 per month

$ 188 per month/teacher


You can experience the joy of changing a child’s life today


Together, you and your sponsored child will start a special relationship that changes both your lives. Because of you, your sponsored child will have what every child deserves a future.

Ariful Islam Abir

I’m very happy with the way they’ve been managing it because every now and then I keep getting information, report cards, wishes and so much more! I think I did this out of my social responsibility and that everyone should do it. It’s nothing very difficult. It’s a moral obligation of ours to help these kids. If anyone want they can do

Noor A Aman Siddiqi