Supporting Projects




Youth Development Project

We arrange various workshops and training programs to develop different life oriented skills of our volunteers, students, entrepreneur, out of circle people and the poor children. We also conduct community base workshops and training in different places. We provide opportunities for guardians of the children to increase their income by providing lessons of different skilled work.


IYF Health and Medical support project “Niramoy”. Most of the slum and street children does not get proper medical service. Thousands of children die of mostly preventable causes, such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and other diseases.
By this project IYF organize various medical campaigns and also provide medicine at the community level to keep the children and their families healthy and free from diseases.

Women Empowerment

Our project “Shopno nir” focuses on women empowerment by providing handicraft training, stable earning source and employment to parents – not only to reduce the drop-out rates but to empower women and create sustainable change

Protection of Child Rights

Millions of children in this country are living their lives without any protection in slums, railway stations, streets, bus stands, under flyovers and other places. Basically they are abused, orphan or abandoned. They are shelter less, deprived of education, medical support and are living their lives without any aim.
So, we try to provide them those rights which they deserve but don`t get.

Stop Youth Poverty

Youth unemployment is increasing poverty, depression, homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, fraud, crime and social unrest among the youth.

Stop youth poverty makes the youth the Third pillar for Job creation after government and the private sector. It supports the youth to create jobs for other unemployed youth. It provides free access to computers, Internet, capacity building, coaching/counseling, event management, environmental training, leadership tanning, and carrier guidance, different project. Continuously increase number of jobs available to unemployed youth due to youth start-ups creating new jobs. Rapidly reduce youth unemployment.

Bangladesh Waste Management

From 7th September 2018 , it has commenced its journey with the motive to effectively manage the wastage’s and later turn them into valuable resources through the recycling process. Besides, several roadshow programs have been held at different schools in Dhaka city including Daffodil International University, Al Amin School, Bailjury Primary School, R.C Primary School, Wide Vision School and College with the participation of so many students, guardians, principles & teachers. In every school 3 distinguished bin have been provided so that students can change the traditional habit of accumulating all sort of wastages into one bin ,because putting all sort of wastages may cause damage of those things as a result those wastages can’t be properly used for recycling purpose later. And since it is one of the long term project of IYF, we have lots of planning regarding the wastages management to make our country & environment a role model to the world