Free Education

One of our paramount program is “Education Program” that aims to provide free of cost education to the under-privileged children from the disadvantaged families. Receiving class nursery to three. School academic year consists of three terms: First term, Mead term and Final Term but have some class test.

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Ignite Youth Foundation School

Bangladesh being a third world developing country, suffers from chronic poverty and illiteracy. The poorest people, who mostly live in the slum areas, cannot find enough employment opportunities to sustain their families, let alone send their children to schools. Lack of proper education is the reason their families cannot get out of this cycle of poverty. As Education is a basic human right, vital to personal & societal development and well-being. From this unique project deprived child will get timely (education material support, uniforms, shoes, footwear, test papers, dictionary, schoolbag, school fees, books, sweater, raincoat, a daily lunch, stationary, etc.) So, that they may be able to develop their educational standard. This project will help the marginalized children to get better opportunities to be educated and to contribute in the development of society. This project protects Girls Child from Child Marriages, Trafficking, Domestic Servants, and Eradication of illiteracy & Provides Good Quality Education. These students have to face all sorts of problems to get education. Due to the pathetic conditions of deprived families, their guardians are not able to afford their school spending.

Sponsor a child

A monthly donation of just BDT 1,000 (USD14/GBP10 for one children) will help to build a brighter future for underprivileged children.

Your one small act of kindness and sacrifice can pull a child out of poverty and ignorance to give him/her a childhood to cherish.

Be a Sponsor

Why IYF School

Best Education

IYF School provides best education for the underprivileged children.

Teaching Ethics

Most of the students are slum dwellers. IYF School ensures that they grow up with a very good ethical standard.

Quality Teachers

All the teachers of IYF School are trained and qualified to nurture students who come from underprivileged section of the society.

Students Say

Your gift of sponsorship can change a child’s life forever.

“I want to be a Doctor. It is the only field I am interested in… I am happy that my parents won’t have any more trouble paying fees. Thank you for sponsoring me.”


Sumi Akter

“I feel very happy to go to school, so I can be important one day.”



Mobarak Hossain